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One of the beautiful things about river fishing is its simplicity. There is simply no need for the riverbound angler to cart along six separate tackle boxes and rods. Georgia River Fishing has narrowed down to ten a list of essential lures that I use for about 95% of my fishing. Hybrid and striper enthusiasts may want to add a couple lures to this list, but for the average bass and bream hunter, I feel these are just about all you need. Enjoy the list, and feel free to click on the selections for descriptions, applications, techniques, and links to manufacturer web pages. This list will begin with #10 and will be added to over the coming weeks.

1. Rapala Broken-back

2. Spinnerbait

3. Buzzbait

4. Roostertail/Beetlespin

5. Slider Grub, Worm, or Lizard

6. Topwater Popper

7.  Rebel Crawdad

8. Rapala Shad Rap

9. Rapala Husky Jerk

10. Texas-rigged plastic worm or lizard


Obviously, this list is a matter of opinion. Also obvious is the fact that these are pretty good baits ANYWHERE, not just in rivers and streams! If your favorite lure doesn't make my list, use it anyway. The best lure for most situations is the lure in which you have the most confidence!


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